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Vicki Giles Fabre

20150925_7320   Vicki Giles Fabré
  Executive Vice-President
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Why I choose to work for WSADA: I love the challenges of working in an industry where things are constantly changing, no two days are ever the same and decisions can be made and implemented without it seeming like you’re watching paint dry. I’m surrounded by brilliant women and men who bring to this business the qualities that actuate the explorer, the innovator, the humanitarian and even the soldier, and do it with such zeal, acumen, integrity and humor. It’s an inspiring and invigorating environment. I’m also hugely supported by the most talented staff on the planet. Awesome people, and interesting, great personalities.

Life Philosophy: “I live every day guided by something I heard my parents and grandparents say: ‘You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.’ So, I try to do good, by being good and respecting others. Life’s a big banquet and I believe there’s room at the table for everyone.”

Hobbies: Engaging in almost any activity with my twin sister and best friend, Micki; community service and mentoring; travel; reading; and spending time at the family ranch.

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