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NADA PAC Presidents Club

The Presidents Club NADA PAC Dinner, which includes recognition of the Washington State Time Dealer of the Year and new National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation Ambassadors takes place in the fall in Seattle.

Washington State’s franchised new car and truck dealers get involved in the nation’s political process through the NADA PAC, the political arm of the National Automobile Dealers Association. NADA PAC helps elect individuals who understand the needs of new car and truck dealers by contributing to those federal candidates who listen to the concerns and carefully weigh the costs of proposed laws and regulations against their purported benefits. NADA PAC is bi-partisan and contributes to pro-dealer House and Senate candidates of both parties.

As a past WSADA Board Member and past chairman of the American International Automobile Dealers Association, Buzz Rodland, Rodland Toyota, Everett, understands the importance of grassroots lobbying at both the state and national level. “Giving to NADA PAC ought to be considered by dealers like buying insurance for their businesses,” Buzz said. “Giving at the President’s level means you recognize how important it is that doors are always open to ensure WSADA’s voice is heard.”

If you are interested in joining the NADA PAC Presidents Club, please contact NADA Director Gary Gilchrist at gary@gilchristauto.com.

NADA PAC Facts 1994 – 2018

  • Since 1994, Washington State has had more annual Presidents Club members than any other state;
  • Washington State finished as one of the top two states in the NADA PAC rankings 22 out of the last 24 years;
  • 7% of all NADA PAC funds raised have come from Washington State;
  • $2,900,485 – total raised by Washington State. The only other three states to raise over $2 million during this same period is California, Texas and New York.  For comparison, California has over 3 times as many dealerships as Washington State;
  • No other state has consecutively raised over $100k annually for 24 years.

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