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Workers’ Comp Retro Rating Plan

Dealers are eligible for a special managed group plan that maximizes workers’ comp premium refunds by working to prevent injuries and reduce costly claims through employee training. Since 1987, plan members have received over $93 million in refunds.

WSADA’s third party administrator, Integrated Claims Management (ICM), manages the Group Retrospective Rating Plan program and maximizes refunds. Besides managing Labor and Industries claims and assisting with getting injured workers back to light duty work, ICM assists in safety training and hosts free webinars benefiting WSADA dealer members. To ensure you are taking advantage of all ICM has to offer, visit their website at www.icmoly.com.

For more information on how to enroll, please contact Delanie Nielsen at dnielsen@wsada.org.

Mandatory Kept on Salary (KOS) Policy

On September 19, 2017, the WSADA Board of Directors unanimously passed a new mandatory Kept on Salary/Compensation (KOS) policy for the WSADA Retro Group, which implements a new requirement that all participants keep an injured worker (employee) on full salary/wages for at least 30 calendar days beginning the day after an injury . This will ensure that no time loss payments are made by the Department of Labor & Industries for that period. Members can satisfy any portion of the obligation by providing modified duty.

  1. If an employer/dealership (including all sub-accounts) is unwilling to comply with the Kept on Salary policy and does not sign the Retrospective Rating Contract, the dealership will not be allowed to enroll in the group for the retro plan year.
  2. If the dealership (including all sub-accounts) agrees to the new policy and signs the new contract, but incurs a time loss claim, and does not keep the injured worker on regular wages for up to 30 days, the dealership will be removed from the Retro Group for the following plan year.  After that year, the dealership may apply to the Workers’ Compensation Committee for re-enrollment in the group.

Click here for a sample KOS policy to assist you in crafting your dealership’s internal policy.

You can learn more about the KOS policy by viewing WSADA “Kept on Salary” Webinar presented by Integrated Claims Management (ICM). If you have questions, please contact Janee Cantu at (360) 786-1378 or janee@icmoly.com.

Webinar link: http://www.wsada.org/archived-trainings/2018retrokos
Webinar password: T926KOS17
Click here for a .pdf copy of the webinar slides.

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